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Halogen Oven - It cooks faster than ordinary ovens It is energy efficient. It also drains away fat giving you healthier dinners. It is a portable oven with a unique self cleaning function and it does a lot more




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I love my Halogen Oven ! These are the reasons why I bought one:

  • it cooks faster than ordinary ovens

  • it is energy efficient

  • it doesn't give the hot and cold spots you can get with microwave cooking

  • it has a huge glass bowl which allows you to see your food as it is cooking

  • you get oven-cooked taste food with microwave speed

  • it cooks, grills, bakes and roasts almost any food to absolute perfection.

  • it defrosts

  • you get mouth watering results

  • it also drains away fat giving you healthier dinners

  • it is a portable oven with a unique self cleaning function

In fact I was so impressed with this new little cooker that I started a forum for it.

Since there is such a lack of recipes and advice for people who have bought a Halogen Oven,

I asked myself, where can I find some recipes and who can give me tips and advice for it ? 

- the people using it of course !


I created the Halogen Oven Recipes Forum in September 2009. It is a free forum for all of us "Halogeniuses" It is a place for sharing recipes and tips for cooking in the Halogen Oven.

Members can ask questions and give advice on issues to do with the Halogen Oven


We have members from all over the world

I guess that's the beauty of the world wide web - eliminating barriers.

Here's an insight in what you get when you join the Halogen Oven Forum:

  • A collections of Halogen Oven manuals, instruction leaflets and guides

  • Information about accessories and add on for halogen ovens and other bits & bobs

  • Video clips and instruction videos for the Halogen Oven 

  • Questions and Answers relating to your Halogen Oven 

  • Members sharing their tips and advice with each other

  • Recipe books from Halogen Oven Suppliers

  • and of course MEMBERS FAVOURITE RECIPES for the Halogen Oven  


Topics covered / discussed in the halogen oven forum are:

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