Members Favourite Recipes

Here's a small list of our tried and tested recipes:

Cooking Chips and French Fries

Sausage Casserole

Yorkshire Pudding

Roast Pork

Christmas Roast Turkey

Roast Lamb and Vegetables

Baked Plaice

Chicken Kiev with Bacon

Cooking Rice

Bread Pudding - Cakes - Muffins

Roast Potatoes - Jacket Potatoes

Cheese and Ham Toastie

Roast Chicken

Baked crumb-toped Cod

Open Apple Pie

Classic English Fruit Cake

Macaroni Bake

and many more on forum . . .


Recipes posted by our professional chef and member:

Roast Pork

Boeuf en Croute  -  Beef Wellington

Tarts aux Pommes Alsacienne  -  Alsatian Apple Tart

Caribbean Chicken

Chicken / Turkey Korma

Quick Flaky Pastry

Rhubarb Brown Betty Dessert

Nepalese Lamb

Chilli Con Carne

Baked Salmon in Pastry

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